Pontus Horn

New site. A blog?

I recently rebuilt my site, partly because the old one was a little overly minimal and dull, but also because I needed an excuse to get my hands dirty with some new exciting web platform features. I started out with a SvelteKit site since I’m quite comfortable in Svelte, but after a while decided to use the opportunity to try more new things and move to Astro, with sprinkles of Svelte components where it’s helpful. I didn’t (and don’t) have any problems with SvelteKit - but the ideas behind Astro make a lot of sense to me, and since I had a yen to try this new-fangled “weblog” craze that’s sweeping the land, Astro seemed like a good fit.

Starting a weblog in 2023?

I might even try to write in it! November is supposedly National Blog Posting Month, and it feels like I’ve been reading a lot of compelling arguments lately as to why you should blog. My own goals for it are mostly to get out of my own head a bit more, and participate more actively on the web rather than being an eternal lurker. Won’t hurt to practice my writing skills either!