Pontus Horn

Hey! I'm Pontus, and that's my face up there.   Feel free to bounce it around a bit (it won't hurt much) - but please put it back for the next visitor when you're done! Warning: This involves ball bouncing motion.

About me

I'm a web developer and dork living in Malmö, Sweden. When I'm not entertaining my excitable dog or binging Gilmore Girls with my partner, I can usually be found either playing a game or trying to build my own. And yes, my neck thanks me every day for my choices.

I'm currently working at Finch, a startup where we build tools to support architects (the kind who design real buildings!) We automate mundane tasks, detect issues early, and provide generative tools and data to help them design more sustainable and efficient buildings.


You can find some digital aspects of me on LinkedIn, GitHub, or Mastodon.