Hey there, sunshine.

I'm Pontus and I have a thing for the web. There, I said it.

My belief is that the web is one of the best and most liberating things to be happening for humanity in a long, long time, both in a large-scale humanitarian way, and on a more personal plane. I say "be happening", because while the core technology was hammered out decades ago, we're still working on improving that technology, increasing its reach, and figuring out how best to use it.

That's why I think it's important to make it the best it can be. Because there's still so much to do before we're there.

It's why I'm passionate about usability and accessibility on the web. It's why I'm passionate about performance on the web. And standards development on the web. And screaming beavers on the web. Hey, I'm passionate about a whole bunch of things, OK? You don't know my life.

If you want to get in contact, feel free to approach me via any of the profiles below. Or send me an email.